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Last Exit

Max Gladstone

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Zelda had a sudden impression that the palace was alive, an inhuman giant buried to its neck in the city, waiting for her with many blank eyes. Those emerald columns were its teeth. It waited for each new wave of lords and ate them each in turn, sucked their brains through small holes drilled in their skulls....What did the palace care for whose flag it flew, whose head sat on the shoulders of the statue on it's throne? It was patient, and hungry. It laughed in architecture.”

“You pushed on that gap between the way the world was and the way the world could be, until, if you were strong and smart and pure and very lucky and very dumb, one day the gap grew teeth and opened its mouth and ate you.”

“She always said, "We do what we can." When they were on the road together, he thought that meant even small things are worth doing. Later, he realized what he first thought was a comforting slogan was actually a challenge: what CAN you do, really? Look at the world and ask yourself what it needs. Then look at yourself and ask what can I give, what sacrifices can I make, whom can I help? There's always a tank rolling down some street. You can't do everthing. But that doesn't forgive you for not doing what you can.”

“you are thirstier than the French Foreign Legion,”

“Zelda’s eyes were so wide and so trusting. No trace of doubt that Sarah would fix this, because Sarah was her friend, and friends were omnipotent. Sarah would make everything okay.”

“You dug irrigation ditches in your soul to channel your fear, to guide it to useful work. But the ditches remained even when the fear was gone--and some part of you kept shoring up those ditches and maintaining the waterworks in case and until the fear came back. Because the fear had to come back.”

“Wounds healed, but scars remained.”

“What if you could peel a pearl? Take a fine knife and a magnifying glass and strip the layers of glint and glimmer year by year, until at last you reached the bit of wrong that had birthed the shine. But you’d have no pearl left.”

“They'd set out on this quest without a wizard to guide them, finding the rules as they went. To do that, you read, you listened to jazz records or to the blues, you argued about hip-hop lyrics, you danced and you watched the dancers and you listened to poets and storytellers where poems were still read and stories still told. Sometimes you caught a glimpse, you caught a hint that others knew what you knew, that they had dreamed the path you now walked, or walked it themselves for a while.”

“The Bronx had been a pleasant place to walk before Robert Moses got his hands on it. To hear Sal tell the story, Moses had been the king of New York roads, a child of wealth who burrowed into government and, once he chewed through its outer shell, established himself in its rib cage, a sort of parasitic pontifex for a new Rome.”

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Book Keywords:

friendship, aging, flaw, trust, pearl, identity

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