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Creatrix: She Who Makes

Lucy H. Pearce

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The first book I wrote changed my life. I have since learned that books have a tendency to do that. You start writing them because you think you know enough about the subject, and quickly and yourself undergoing a drastic education in every aspect of yourself and the topic in order to bring forth the book.”

“Like falling in love or giving birth, the experience of creative inspiration has been described by thousands of voices over the years. But it doesn’t make it any easier to explain!”

“I see a creatrix as someone who uses his or her creativity to take the feminine wound and transform it. To take us from pain to power. To release the shame that keeps so many of us trapped and fearful. To give voice to authentic feminine experience – every bit as bold and loud and vibrant as it wants or needs to be.”

“Creativity is a form of magic, one that happens unseen in the dark, in the space between the known and the unknowable”

“When we embody the energy of the Creatrix, we stand in the fullness of our birthright, as two-way channels of the full creative power of the Universe.”

“We don’t make art because we have perfect lives or immense privilege. We create in order to live through the lives that have revealed themselves through us, because of, in spite of, the chaos, the confusion, the grief, the anger, the overwhelm, the terror, the trauma, the tragedy, the feeling of powerlessness. We cannot control much of what happens to us in our lives, but if creativity is our default processing response, our ability to heal and transform is enabled.”

“We do not need to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of our creativity – it can be a transformative mode of healing, rather than a drawn-out self-destruction.”

“To be a creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity – to embodying soul, through impregnation, gestation, birth, nurturing and death in a way that is not really understood in our culture. It is to consciously engage directly with the forces of the Universe on a daily basis. The creatrix gestates her own content and births it out: her art is an expression of her inner world and a reflection of what she has sensed in the outer world. Through this sacred birthing she is transformed, as are those who witness the process or its products. In this sense the act of creative expression is a sacred act of communion for the community.”

“Safe art may soothe us, but it will never transform us.”

“Just as there are some who need to run daily to be fully alive, for some of us the desire to create, the need to dream and imagine and make things is as necessary as breathing.”

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