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Laura van den Berg

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Is there any greater mystery than the separateness of each person?”

“If you have no way to mark the hours, no variance in the days, time will open its mouth and swallow you.”

“Hope is a seductive thing," he says. "Hope can make people lose all sense.”

“Things I will never forget: my name, my made-up birthday, the rattle of a train in a tunnel. The sweet grit of toothpaste. The bitterness of coffee and blood. The dark of the Hospital at night. My mother’s face, when she was young. *   *   * Things other people will forget: where they come from, how old they are, the faces of the people they love. The right words for bowl and sunshine and sidewalk. What is a beginning and what is an end.”

“If your unconscious mind wishes you to be well, you are well. If it wishes you to be sick, you become sick. If it wishes you to die, you die.”

“I have started to think of the sickness not as a single, contained catastrophe, but as part of a series of waves. We are still burning. What will be the wave that puts us out?”

“A nightmare becomes a nightmare when you start to believe it will never end.”

“you try to shake them out, shake them away, but your memory won’t let you. In”

“You look hard at all the wrongness in this new face, you look hard at the ways that wrongness has shaped it, and you have to decide if this new face is something you can live with.”

“What is a baby but a ghost turning real inside you?”

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sickness, orphan, pandemic, speculative-fiction, separateness, individuality, catastrophes, first-person-pov, illness, disasters, epidemic

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