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Beyond Pain

Kit Rocha

Top 10 Best Quotes

“No one's too broken. But you can't fix a damn thing. All you can do is figure out which ones want to fix themselves, then give them the tools to get the job done.”

“Lex lets you off the hook way too easily, you know that?" "Of course I do." No laughter now. Dallas's expression was deadly serious. "Why do you think being a better man matters so damn much? The sex, that's good, but it's not the prize. Trust is the prize, and the fight's not about winning it or keeping it. It's about deserving it, and that's a fight a man's got to have with himself. Every fucking day.”

“What would you do if she wanted me?” His hand clenched tight in Six’s shirt. “She can’t have you. Not tonight.” “Possessive, aren’t you?” “She can’t have you.” The words ripped free of him again, rough and raw. “Maybe not ever.”

“God the way he was looking at her, with no pity or disgust. Intense, with only the slightest softening around his eyes to save his features from harshness. There was something contemplative in his gave, like he was imagining some future where bad things didn't happen to her. As if he was silently begging her to imagine it too.”

“You're my favorite of all the people who've ever kidnapped me." It was sweet, in a sad, twisted sort of way--which pretty much described both of them perfectly. "You're absolutely my favorite person I've ever kidnapped.”

“I'm going to do this again," he rasped. "Lay you out where there isn't any damn part of you I can't taste. That's what I want. You.”

“His teeth closed on her ear. "Do I still feel far away?" She'd probably feel the heat of him lingering on her skin for days. "No." His voice was a low, teasing whisper, shivering in her ear. "Even if I slide back down and fuck you with my tongue?”

“Her fragile, wounded heart beat too fast, and she knew when she opened her mouth that she was offering it to him. If she was lucky, he'd be too distracted to realize it was busted until she'd jammed enough of the pieces back together to make it worth a damn. "I trust you.”

“They took something from me, and if I don't get it back on my own, it won't matter. It won't be mine." "They?" "Trent. All of them. They made me a victim. ... Help me be something else again.”

“There was no answer he could give that would fix things, and that hurt most of all. "I always do the same thing. Love everyone who crosses my path. Love 'em as much as I can, for as long as they need.”

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