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The BOLD Life: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transformation When Life Isn’t What You Thought It Would Be

Kelsey K Thornton

Top 10 Best Quotes

“within you there is a power you haven’t tapped into yet. Within you is a potential you haven’t even scratched the surface of. But aren’t you sick of living in your potential and not living out your potential?”

“Your awakening to live a different life can be right now, today, simply because you don’t like where you’re headed. That is enough. So, can your rock bottom be right here? Right now?”

“What if Jesus was (and still is) the best businessman to ever exist? His business is saving people, and thousands of years later, His legacy and His business of saving people are still up and running. It truly is impressive.”

“What I didn’t realize then was that an upgraded version of my life would require an upgraded version of me.”

“The BOLD life is a way of life, the way you walk your journey. The BOLD life is not a destination”

“So yes, come as you are, but be prepared that you aren’t going to stay here. Transformation is coming. And it’s coming because it’s necessary.”

“Living the BOLD life isn’t a trick or a hack or one change you need to make. It’s a campaign consisting of hard work, dedication, discipline, sacrifice, improvement, and belief.”

“I’m giving you full permission to be a hot mess and a masterpiece all at the same time.”

“God doesn’t place you where you feel comfortable, He places you where He knows you’ll grow! So welcome to the work.”

“After all, the best self-development book I’ve ever read is the Bible.”

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