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Chasing Us

Kat T. Masen

Top 10 Best Quotes

“even in the darkest times, there is always that one person who will make you see the light, make you laugh again when you think it’s impossible.”

“You want to hurt me for what I did to you, Charlotte? Well, you’ve won. To quote you, “I’m done.”

“You have to learn to trust him, Charlie. Love will never survive without it.”

“Why do we love when in the end, it’s taken from us, and we are left to die a slow death?”

“They say for every death there’s a grieving process, but when you are put in that position, it’s the loneliest experience. It doesn’t matter how many people are around you, suffering like you are, you only feel your own pain. And the grief, it comes in waves, shattering you, breaking every part of you which is barely holding on.”

“There are angels all around us. Sometimes we can see them and other times we can’t. If you look carefully, all around us there are clues. There are some that are placed on this earth as a gift from God, and there are some that are around to protect us from harm and evil.”

“The pain stabbed me, not tiny daggers but samurai swords, deep cuts bound to leave permanent scars. One by one I felt them strike as I watched her expression. The sword was pulled out of my heart for a moment, so I could say the words which echoed in my head—I couldn’t breathe without her.”

“Paralyzed by the words I never expected to hear from the man who promised me he’d move heaven and earth to make me his.”

“No one has ever made me feel, the things you make me feel Girl when I’m with you I struggle to breath Your power has a hold of me And I’m frightened of this spell you cast over me So I hurt you because I’m frightened I push you away because I’m scared I do it because I love you I do it because I hate you I don’t know how to be with you Without being afraid of losing you”

“Alex really was my first love, the kind you read about in romance novels. Everything I felt was textbook—the grieving for the loss of what we had—and while I wouldn’t have wished for an ending like this, I was able to, for a moment, believe that I could put this behind me.”

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