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The Legend of Acacia Vitak

Jennifer West

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I gazed at the monster and couldn't rip my gaze away. He was... beautifully twisted.”

“She was graceful and elegant and leapt with such beauty it would sting your eyes if you looked close.”

“The eyes were menacing but breath-taking. An abyss of colours swirled where the iris should be and I felt transfixed, my breathing stopped, sharply as he stared at the table I was under.”

“The child was beautiful. The perfect combination of light and dark. You could feel power radiate from her and it was beautiful, but terrifying.”

“Suddenly the realisation dawned on me; this was my own doing, I'd been forever bored of my little life; I was no idol, no heroine, nobody.”

“So, we hide, and we fight, and we hide, and we train, and we fight.”

“Nothing I said could define how much I loved him or the kind of person he was. I missed him.”

“It's okay to feel emotions. It's part of life. It's one of the many things that is Ravia's guidance. Everyone goes through strife, through grief, through hard times. It's what we do during the worst that matters.”

“I managed to slowly move my eyes away from the monster to the boy who stood with him. Time stopped.”

“I debated for a moment and wondered if I was walking into a trap. Eventually, I thought what the hell, and followed him into the dark.”

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