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Empty Theatre

Jac Jemc

Top 10 Best Quotes

“with such steady grace that Ludwig imagines a spider descending its silk.”

“recoiling as if their touch scalds his delicate skin.”

“his jacket turned inside out on dry land missing a bullet hole’s worth of fabric,”

“What they see, before the body slips from their grasp, are the whites of Ludwig’s eyes, his mouth stretched into a howl.”

“The wind blows the straw from her hair and the wrinkles from her dress,”

“The moonlight made the room bright as day.”

“The gardens are scented with lilac and acacia trees, and the ground is sandy and soft,”

“The disgusting trail should serve as a lesson to his parents, but it’s the servants who will have to clean it up, so no one learns a thing from this cruel attempt at discipline.”

“The city attempts to match the beauty of its new Empress.”

“That is the word that everyone uses—“eccentricity”—though the tone with which the word is spoken always lines the word with an omen.”

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