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The Overnight Guest

Heather Gudenkauf

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It isn't the dark you should be afraid of, the girl thought, it's the monsters who step out into the light that you need to fear.”

“Wylie stared down at the woman’s battered face. One mistrustful brown eye looked back at her. Wylie looked down at her own hand, where a matching horseshoe-shaped scar, though less pronounced, marred her palm.”

“The feud, if that was what you could call it, lasted for years and bled into their day-to-day lives. There were fences that William Doyle was sure Randy Cutter had damaged and calls to the sheriff about wayward cattle. And there was Ethan’s friendship with Randy’s son, Brock. That didn’t sit well with either family.”

“No,” Becky shook her head. “You need to listen to me. It’s Randy Cutter.” She looked at Wylie, terror in her eyes. “He’s outside right now. I know him. I know his voice, dammit, I’ve heard it nearly every day for the last twenty years.” Wylie stared at Becky and then looked to the little girl for confirmation. She nodded. “Jesus,” Wylie breathed. Randy Cutter? It didn’t make any sense.”

“Libraries, no matter what state or city Wylie visited, had the same comforting smell, and the Spirit Lake Public Library in Iowa was no different. The books, paper, glue, and ink - all in various stages of disintegration - had a musty, vanilla-like scent that eased her anxiety.”

“You’re sick,” Wylie said with disgust. “Evil and sick. And now you plan on killing us all. Finish what you started.”

“You beat my brother, strangled him, and hid his body in the barn. You tried to frame him and you kidnapped my best friend. You shot me. Why? I don’t understand.”

“Yes, Jackson Henley. There just wasn’t enough evidence to arrest him for killing my family and your disappearance. They couldn’t find the gun he used or my brother’s missing truck. They couldn’t find you. But don’t worry. He’s caught now. I locked him in the toolshed. He’ll never hurt you again.”

“Yeah,” Cutter interjected. “Little girls shouldn’t be playing with such big weapons.” He held the shotgun at crotch level and waggled his tongue suggestively.”

“What I know is you have had a serious lack of judgment lately,” Lynne said. “Kara, driving on the baseball field...”

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