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The Inmate

Freida McFadden

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Sometimes people do exactly what you think they’re going to do, and they still manage to disappoint you.”

“I look like I’m in college, and I feel like I’m fifty. Story of my life.”

“Ugly men are good in bed, you know.”

“My mother would say that boys don’t do anything nice for you if they’re not expecting something in return.”

“If someone truly wants to reach you, there’s always a way.”

“when you look at the sky at night, you can make out the individual constellations, instead of just a few random dots of light that are probably just airplanes.”

“somebody who is here every day. So…”

“close my eyes and I can still see his ruggedly handsome face. His eyes looking into mine. I love you, Brooke. That was what he said to me just a few hours before he tried to kill me. And that’s not even the worst thing he did.”

“can’t reveal to her that the man who was my very first boyfriend is an inmate at Raker Maximum Security Penitentiary, currently serving life without the possibility of parole. And I’m the one who put him here.”

“Who wants to be in a maximum-security penitentiary?”

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