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Notes Of A Dead Man Sequel

Deyth Banger

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Hey ... you gonna ignore me like that? ... Forever? ... You gonna reject me like that forever?”

“I am a dead man, that's all ... ... My Brain doesn't work properly.My Brain is diagonessed officially dead ....”

“Zero ground is the beginning... sometimes you just don't have the normal productivity day.”

“You can't deal with being odd? ...Become like them ...Become drug delear ...Live their lifes ... have fun ...and be honest ...”

“What type of wrong thing, did I do? ...What wrong did I said ... and why I am so unlucky with the questionable "Relationships"?”

“Wait... Wait... wait... you don't know the whole truth you just know a piece of the truth.”

“Today ain't in the mood to write... btw my name is Stevy.”

“Today I was rejected ... ...I hate being rejected ... SAYYYYYYYYYY MY FUCKING NAME "Bill".”

“That's the truth ... ...Money buy happiness ...”

“One day you gonna find out that you can't shout... nobody does listens to you.”

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