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Claire North

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We all knew, of course. Everyone knows, but no one looks. We don’t look because if we look it makes us evil because we aren’t doing something about it, or it makes us sad because we can’t do anything about it, or it proves that we’re monsters when we always thought we were righteous because we won’t do anything about it. Either way, safer not to look.”

“I have lead a thoroughly despicable life. Or rather... not despicable. My evils have been ordinary evils. My sins against the world are daily, little sins that no one would question. I am a normal man. I am a normal man, and have done no wrong, and there is a place in hell waiting for me.”

“...if people were scared of you then you were powerful, and if you were powerful, you mattered. Even if you didn't know what mattering was good for.”

“... sometimes you wake and you remember that you will be an old, old man and that the one you love will die and you can't work out if they die or you first which would be more scary? Who will be strongest without love, alone, loveless, devoid? What is worse—for you to lose the one you love or for the one you love to be destroyed by losing you?”

“...the secret to success wasn't about being right, merely about appearing to be more right than everybody else.”

“You met him and then you ran. Why did you run?" "Two people chased me. I don't know what else you're meant to do when that happens." "You could have assumed they were with the authorities." "I am the authorities, Mr. Markse, and they weren't with me. Given that you managed to work out who I was, why didn't you just arrest me?" A little shrug. "Because as you say, you are the authorities. Why would I arrest someone who might be on my side?”

“You just make like a heron and maybe one day you'll catch some fish. A cormorant can count to seven. Put a ring around its neck and send it catching fish and it will remember that the seventh it catches will be its to feast on. Owls are actually very stupid birds, but when something moves! That's when evolution does its thing.”

“Theo said, staring into flames, "There's a place where the words stop. She did this and it was... and then we stop. It was terrible. It was barbaric. It was beautiful. You understand. And we do. We know. Our lives exist in many different, contradictory states, all at once. I am a liar. I am a killer. I am honest. I am fighting for a good cause. I am burning the world. We want things simple, and safe, and when they aren't, when the truth is something complicated, something hard, or scary, we stop. The words run out. Everything becomes...”

“The queen says it's good to scream. Good to rage. If you don't get it out of your system then you're not being honest to yourself. You're just pretending that everything is okay. That this... this shit, this nothing-nowhere you've got, this dream that you swallowed whole when you were a kid because dreams weren't for the likes of you... you pretend that's okay. You live your life as a grey one, one of the zeroes who'll die alone begging for Company scraps, because you didn't have the guts to look at yourself and say yes. Yes. This is fucked-up. And no. No. This isn't my fault. This was done to me. The world... did this to me. Accept that, she says, and you have seen the truth of the patty line, and the only thing that is right is the screaming, the raging, the burning and the truth of the flame. And when you've done that, then you can find yourself again, and the quiet place inside that will let you take control.”

“Tell Philip Arnslade that I'm going to blow his fucking brains out. " "Mr. Arnslade will be most relieved.”

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