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Murder in an Irish Village

Carlene O'Connor

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Every person is like a lock, her da used to say. If you want to spring them open, you just have to find the right key.”

“A life that was surprisingly full, even though it was simple. Or maybe because it was simple.”

“You would do the same thing if a dead body turned up in your home." Siobhán stopped when she remembered who she was talking to. "I mean, if you weren't an undertaker like.”

“When she wasn't at Courtney's, she was perched on top of a stationary bike at spinning class. Siobhán would much rather ride a scooter. It never made sense to her why anyone would want to pedal like mad on top of something that was never going to go anywhere.”

“What do we know about the Yank?" "The one you were flirting with in there?" "I was not flirting." "You were flirting." "You catch more flies with honey." "Yeah? Well why in the heck would you want to catch flies in the first place?" He had her there.”

“Silly, how much time human beings wasted on things that didn’t matter.”

“She was daft. That's what she was. Completely mental. There was no other explanation for why she was lurking in the back of Butler's Undertaker Lounge and Pub while her siblings were about to go in the front so they could distract him.”

“I thought the butler always did it," someone remarked under their breath.”

“...Niall carrying it around for motivation; a little hope that he would get his brother out of jail and they'd take off for down under. Instead, he was really down under.”

“She hated the Irish way of answering most everything with sarcasm disguised as a question.”

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