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The Lighthouse Witches

C.J. Cooke

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Forgiveness is a kind of time travel, only better, because it sutures the wounds of the past with the wisdom of the present in the same moment as it promises a better future.”

“We form stories about our lives to create meaning out of them—without meaning, they feel shapeless and without purpose. When something lies beyond the realm of meaning, it’s terrifying.”

“Life continues outrageously, in whatever form it can. An unstoppable circularity: the past always in the present.”

“Memories, like stones, have their own gravity.”

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. —Voltaire”

“The lighthouse was called The Longing. Pitched amidst tessellations of rock black as coke, thrashed for over a hundred years by disconsolate squalls, it needled upwards, spine-straight, a white bolt locking earth, sky, and ocean together. It was lovely in its decrepitude, feathery paint gnawed off by north winds and rust-blazed window frames signatures of use and purpose. -The Lighthouse Witches, C.J. Cooke”

“She hadn't kept anything from him that she hadn't been keeping from herself. He doesn't get that truth and memory can be too complex, too tentacled, to boil down to a linear narrative. That sometimes, silence is a form of survival.”

“I used to tell myself that I regretted the choices I'd made in my life. But every choice, including the wrong ones, made me who I was... -both the good and bad experiences strengthened you, shaped you. We are not just made of blood and bone- we are made of stories. Some of us have our stories told for us, other write their own- you wrote yours.”

“When I looked out at the beach, I imagined each grain of sand like a measure of time that I'd been allotted. I could either let them run through my hands or I could stop and pay attention.”

“We form stories about our lives to create meaning out of them- without meaning, they feel shapeless, and without purpose. When something lies beyond the realm of meaning, it's terrifying.”

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