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Shabdo ki behti dariya

Archana Das

Top 10 Best Quotes

“life goes uneventful, when you feel stressed.”

“You feel the odd, when you stepped out... must be thinking something "Terrible".”

“Truth is in the air today, feel the off... Trust me, you will come out from the cloud.”

“There is only me when it's about me." It is the call of the inner voice, listen it accept it because it is the core of happiness.”

“There is no need to thing about what others are thinking. if, you want to know about yourself then see Mirror.”

“The way is not responsible to take you at your destination, it's your dream and the capability of yours to achieve is responsible.”

“The suspense of the story, what you wrote before my birth, Never unfolds... Sometimes, something needs to be in the shade for the worthiness, which is on hold...”

“The alternate key of happiness is "Mock".”

“Sometimes, it's important to have some conversation with people because this little thing gives a hint of so many new and fresh ideas.”

“Something terribly happens, when we do not hear our soul.”

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