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Strange Love

Ann Aguirre

Top 10 Best Quotes

“As the combatant fell, she shouted, “This is Sparta!” Because obviously.”

“Snaps fell back onto his butt, staring at the seedlings with wide eyes. “Am I…a father?” “Sort of,” Beryl said. Zylar churred, amusement overwhelming him. Then Snaps lay down in front of the plants with a determined sound. “I will protect you, tiny green dirt dogs.”

“At this point, she would slap a nun for a ham sandwich.”

“She found his hesitant possessiveness adorable, because while he felt those things, he never tried to stop her from doing whatever she wanted. And she could eat his sweet vulnerability with a spoon.”

“Zylar froze. Somehow he must have set off her predatory instincts. “I’m happy to hear that, but why are you grappling me?”

“Zylar could not predict what medicine would make her better. Maybe healing would require art, music, or simply the solace of time. Whatever it took, he would help her surmount this tragedy.”

“Zylar could not possibly have understood the female correctly. Her words registered as: Copulation! Let’s join and find out how this works.”

“You’re so unhappy. But the ancient grove has promised it will not be long.” How did Kurr communicate with these ancestor trees anyway? It felt entirely unhinged to hang a whole plan on the whispered promises of elderly arboreal advisors, but hell, once she got abducted and decided to roll with it since it was better than her old life, did she really need to draw the line at listening to venerable vegetation? “Well, if the trees said so…” ”

“Though they had been gone maybe half an hour, according to her internal time clock, Snaps still went wild when they walked in, prancing around their legs with exclamations of “Welcome, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome! Gosh! Welcome!” Dogs were fucking great. ”

“They reached the garden, and Beryl turned to him. “Is it safe for him to play on his own here?” “Define safe.” “No dog-eating plants, he can’t open the doors and run away, that sort of thing.” “I can disable to the motion-sensing feature on the entrance,” Zylar said, doing so as he offered. “And there are no aggressive botanical lifeforms cultivated here. Those are contained in the secure greeneries.” Beryl’s eyes widened. “You’re growing attack petunias somewhere?” “I don’t understand.” “Never mind.” She knelt and put her hands on Snaps’s face, so the fur-person had to look at her. “Don’t eat anything in here. You understand? It might make you sick.” “Eat nothing. Smell everything. I got it!” Snaps said. “Can I dig?” “It’s probably fine. Just don’t hurt the plants.” She pulled the cord off him, setting him free to explore, while Zylar tried to understand why Snaps wanted to dig. “I have nothing to bury,” Snaps said sadly, then he bounded off.”

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ptsd, healing, trauma, support, art, time, music, health

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