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Alec Baldwin

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Once you've found some joy, you never want to be without it.”

“It is imperative that we replace those who think they own this country, with those who built it.”

“there was nothing to be ashamed of in doing jobs simply to make a living, so long as those jobs fueled other creative efforts”

“Once you abandon your instincts and begin polling people people about your choices, once you attempt to reshape yourself into some you are not, it affects nearly every decision you make”

“I believe that things change only when we are truly ready for the change. We come to a situation or event that could be a great turning point in our lives having been prepared by both adversity and hope. And then, if you let it, the future just opens like a flower,”

“...alcohol drowns our dreams, silences our beliefs, and relieves us of our responsibilities...”

“[Tennessee] William's writing has the effect that all great writing has on an actor. It steadies you. It emboldens you You ride an elevator to the top floor of a building, you jump off the penthouse balcony, and you fly. Just put one foot in front of the other, one line after the other, one moment after the other, and you are walking on air. It was the creative experience of a lifetime. (playing Stanley in Streetcar Named Desire)”

“[Alec asked his agent John Burnham at William Morris if he was being shunned by Hollywood execs] 'It's not that when they think of you they hate you. They don't think of you at all.”

“[About his pivot from George Washington University to New York University.] Then based solely on Shari's (a friend of a girlfriend) playful provocation, I auditioned for the theater program at NYU. ... This was an idiotic idea, all things considered. When I eventually pitched it to my parents on the phone, my mother shrieked what a mistake I was making. My dad just listened. ... {H]e said to my mother, 'Let's here him out.' I knew something other than money was behind that. Here was a man who had short-circuited his own dreams in order to provide for his family. 'You'll never be young enough to do this again,' he said.”

“Quoting Julie Harris: I don't wish for anything to be over. To wish something to be over is to wish your life to be over.”

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