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Relational Anthropology for Contemporary Economics

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van Nes Jermo et al. (Editors), "Relational Anthropology for Contemporary Economics", Springer Nature, 2022, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-84690-9, License:

This open access book offers a multidisciplinary dialogue on relational anthropology in contemporary economics. A particular view of the human being is often assumed in economic models, but seldom acknowledged let alone explicated. Addressing this neglected area of research in economic studies, altogether the contributors touch upon the importance and potential of virtues, the notions of freedom and self-love, the potential of simulation models, the dialectics of love, and questions of methodology in constructing a relational anthropology for contemporary economics. The overall result is a highly informative and constructive dialogue, establishing inter alia a research agenda for future collaborative and multidisciplinary study.


Reasonable Compromise, Relational Anthropology For Contemporary Economics, Towards A Relational Anthropology Fostering, Economics Of Human Flourishing, God’s Work In The World, The Deep Compatibility Of Real Liberalism, Homo Amans In The Economy: A Utopia?, Homo Amans And Revolutionary Altruism, The Anthropological Foundations Of Economic Practice, How To Change What Cannot Be Changed, Open Access

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