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A Lady of Persuasion

Tessa Dare

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Oh no. Don't smile. You'll kill me. I stop breathing when you smile.”

“Yes, pure English honey, collected from very contented bees. I interviewed the beekeeper myself, and he assured me the drones were treated most fairly, paid an honest wage, and given the Sabbath to rest. And now that they’ve done their service, I’ve arranged for the whole hive to be pensioned off to a charming little beech grove in Shropshire, right next to a meadow abundant with clover.”

“She avoided love for the same reason she eschewed spirits: she’d witnessed, firsthand, the ravages of both.”

“No.” She stayed him with an open palm. “I’m not done being angry yet.” “Oh.” His arms fell. “All right. I’ll just… wait for you to do the embracing, then.” “That would be best.”

“I’ve never understood why women are labeled the weaker sex. In my observation, males suffer the condition of helplessness with far less courage than females suffer pain.”

“It’s only natural, for people to believe the best of their loved ones. Their affection blinds them to the truth. Love is its own form of madness.”

“It's a ridiculous book, filled with wicked fantasies and silly notions and improbable romance. But you ought to read the rest, just the same.' 'Why?' 'Because it has a happy ending.”

“Isabel is devoted to charity,” Toby said. “Well, of course she is.” Lady Aldridge gave her son a beatific smile. “She’s marrying you.”

“Isabel is devoted to charity," Toby Said. "Well of course she is." Lady Aldridge gave her son a beatific smile. "She's marrying you.”

“I tell you, the road to hell is paved with toile.”

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