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Turquoise Silence

Sanober Khan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“ i will greet you in a way all loved things are meant to be greeted with a tear in my heart and a poem in my eye.”

“because some things sometimes aren't ours to hold, but just beautiful to listen to.”

“it was the kind of moon that I would want to send back to my ancestors and gift to my descendants so they know that I too, have been beauty.”

“i'm glad to be alive in a world where his gently awakening eyes nourish the morning sun.”

“What's a rainy day without some delicious coffee-flavoured loneliness?”

“some winters will never melt some summers will never freeze and some things will only ... live in poems.”

“there are some poems that we leave behind some that leave us behind while some just live silently in the heart crumble, sometimes dwindle disappear die and are reborn when you smile again.”

“may my faith always be at the end of the day like a hummingbird...returning to its favorite flower.”

“Give me a moon-blanket night to keep me warm a long-gone smile to comfort me a pair of rain-blue eyes to haunt me a simple soul love me.”

“leave me a smile just warm enough... to spend a million golden afternoons in.”

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