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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Max Brooks

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature.”

“Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they're used.”

“The only rule that ever made sense to me I learned from a history, not an economics, professor at Wharton. "Fear," he used to say, "fear is the most valuable commodity in the universe." That blew me away. "Turn on the TV," he'd say. "What are you seeing? People selling their products? No. People selling the fear of you having to live without their products." Fuckin' A, was he right. Fear of aging, fear of loneliness, fear of poverty, fear of failure. Fear is the most basic emotion we have. Fear is primal. Fear sells.”

“I think that most people would rather face the light of a real enemy than the darkness of their imagined fears.”

“The monsters that rose from the dead, they are nothing compared to the ones we carry in our hearts”

“There's a word for that kind of lie. Hope.”

“I don't know if great times make great men, but I know they can kill them.”

“Sometimes you find your path, sometimes it finds you.”

“Imagine what could be accomplished if only the human race would shed its humanity.”

“[...]you don’t have to be Sun freakin Tzu to know that real fighting isn’t about killing or even hurting the other guy, it’s about scaring him enough to call it a day.”

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