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Lost in Time

Melissa de la Cruz

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If she loved him the way she said she did, she wanted him whole. Maybe this was what love meant after all: sacrifice and selflessness. It did not mean hearts and flowers and a happy ending, but the knowledge that another's well-being is more important than one's own.”

“Remember all fairy tales end at some point.”

“I still love you. I will always love you, and that is all that matters. I will forgive you anything, and I will forgive you this.”

“I'm so sorry for loving you, I'm so sorry.... But it was such a wonderful dream, my love, such a wonderful dream.”

“He was like a shooting star you tried to catch with your hands. She would only get burned.”

“It's always good to be underestimated.”

“Trust me to return to you." "I will wait forever. however long it takes.”

“I am not sorry for a moment . It was worth every moment, every second we were together. I would not change it for an immortal lifetime”

“Was he hungry? He'd had an enormous breakfast, but the transition from the glimpse had taken a lot out of him. Did they serve lunch in Hell? Should he have packed a snack? Why was he suddenly thinking about food?”

“We are bonded now. We will face it together. Your destiny is mine as well. We shall live or die together.”

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