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Let's Talk: ...about Making Your Life Exciting, Easier, and Exceptional

Art Rios

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Two or three times a year, set aside four days, away from work, family, and technology, to check in with yourself, gain perspective, daydream, and evaluate your life.”

“When we’re constantly stuck in our screens, we’re missing out on what’s happening around us and within us.”

“Take a few of the 1,440 minutes in your day to say thank you. Wake up and fall asleep thanking God. The universe will reward you tenfold for your gratitude, and you will have peace.”

“It’s fine to go offline. You won’t lose your place in the world. And once you practice it and get good at it, I predict you’ll move a step farther from thinking, “It’s fine,” to realizing, “It’s divine!” The more you log off, the more you’ll realize how fabulously freeing it truly is.”

“I am a firm believer in preordination—everything happens for a reason. Hence, the logic behind the Chinese symbol for crisis, danger and opportunity. Facing a crisis may present hazards of all kinds, but it also presents opportunities. During a crisis, you learn to survive outside the norm. When you face adversity, see it as an opportunity to learn novel ways to cope.”

“Have a nice glass of wine before you eat lunch. It will bolster your inventiveness, as wine tends to do. But more than anything, it relaxes your mind. Give yourself that midday pause. A pleasure indeed.”

“You are unique. There’s no one else like you. Nobody can be better than you because nobody else is you. Nobody has your distinctive talents and traits.”

“Having less stuff is great. You will have fewer things to clean, maintain, fix, pay for, worry about, and obsess over. Best of all, the less you have, the more space and freedom you have. The more freedom you have, the easier life becomes. And the easier life becomes, the more pleasurable it can be.”

“Everyone has faults. You may think another person has it all, that they have no cares in the world, but that’s not the case. Other people may have problems you can’t even imagine.”

“By being yourself, you fulfill your destiny. It’s your unique gifts, thoughts, and ideas that the world needs. No one else can give them to the world because they’re yours. Be yourself and bask in the power derived from self-realization.”

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