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Life is Elsewhere

Milan Kundera

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Yes, it's crazy. Love is either crazy or it's nothing at all.”

“He was no longer quite sure whether anything he had ever thought or felt was truly his own property, or whether his thoughts were merely a common part of the world’s store of ideas which had always existed ready-made and which people only borrowed, like books from a library.”

“You think that just because it's already happened, the past is finished and unchangeable? Oh no, the past is cloaked in multicolored taffeta and every time we look at it we see a different hue.”

“Draw a line; draw a line that pleases you. And remember that it is not the artist's role to copy the outlines of things but to create a world of his own lines on paper." (pp.28-29)”

“Art arises from sources other than logic." (p.32)”

“Is a novel anything but a trap set for a hero?”

“Revolution in Love’. Can you tell me what you mean by that? Do you want free love as against bourgeois marriage, or monogamy as against bourgeois promiscuity?”

“Aren't we living in a world where heedless men only desire decapitated women?”

“For the body is temporal and thought is eternal and the shimmering essence of flame is an image of thought.”

“Tenderness is the attempt to create a tiny artificial space in which it is mutually agreed that each will treat the other like a child.”

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