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Tess of the Road

Rachel Hartman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Maybe the world isn't really different, but I am different, and I am in the world.”

“She still held sorrows, but she was not made of them. Her life was not a tragedy. It was a history, and it was hers.”

“I gave you two choices as a test: there are never just two choices. That is a lie to keep you from thinking too deeply.”

“You will wander the dark places under the earth, but you will come back with the sun.”

“Your credo goes further than you realized: walk on, yes, but don't walk past people who need you. Uncurl yourself so you can see them and respond.”

“It matters less where you go than that you keep moving.”

“You can't walk away without also walking towards.”

“One foot in front of the other was all she could manage.”

“We curl around our own pain until we can’t see beyond ourselves. You want to walk on? Walk out of that shadow.”

“Dying took commitment. It was easier to go on living incompetently.”

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