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Vine: Book of Poetry

Melody Lee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I keep stars in my pockets wear daisies in my hair but I tuck you tenderly in the folds of my heart and take you everywhere.”

“They should have warned you that little princesses grow up to be red rocks and raging seas, fire dragons and warrior queens.”

“She is psychic a little voodoo magic soulful with cranberry lips eyes full of fantastic.”

“Be patient my little wild one, wondrous things take time. A pearl is hidden before it’s refined. A diamond’s luster is dull before revealing brilliant magnificent breathtaking shine.”

“You’ve got to plant flowers in the center of your soul if you want to bloom.”

“You can chain the dragon, but you’ll never tame the beast.”

“Don’t think for one second you can’t be anything you want to be— a warrior, a goddess, a queen-bee.”

“They told me to pay attention to my heart; that it would lead me to my purpose, my passion. So, I did, I listened closely to the timbre of my heart and it always brought me back to you.”

“Their eyes met, their souls locked, you could feel heat as the love between them caught fire as an explosion of two souls bursting in the atmosphere.”

“Suddenly, two shooting stars collided. Our souls merged.”

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