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Galaxy Pirates

Tamuna Tsertsvadze

Top 10 Best Quotes

“This world belongs to the weird ones, and the weird ones become kings.”

“The good and the bad never existed in this world as standalone features. They were always bound together.”

“How phenomenal we, humans, are – the further we are from our beloved home, the stronger our connection becomes…”

“Time is an illusion. It is a limitation created by our minds. If we stop measuring everything and just enjoy every moment given, life is going to be a lot more exciting.”

“Questions are never foolish. Stupider are those who never ask anything.”

“With great power, comes greater responsibility. If your heart is not as grand, you shall be consumed by your own might and hurt your loved ones unintentionally when you give vent to your rage.”

“There’s a certain rule you must never forget in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts – opinions don’t matter, feelings are the priority. That said, having different ways of life is alright, but the minute you try to force your own principles unto others, you are already in the wrong.”

“The treasure is not only gold, silver, gems, etc. The most important treasure of this world is family and friends.”

“No ruler can ever get far with only militaristic power. The easiest way to conquer is to crush people’s faith and convert them to your own ideology, often portraying it as heroic. I am an ambitious man – I am not just a casual pirate to steal only people’s riches. I am an emperor – I shall steal people’s hearts, hopes, and faith so that they will eventually have no one but me to turn to. If you put yourself in the role of a saviour, people are sure to follow you, just like a pack of lambs always follows a mighty shepherd.”

“Grasping the situation is never enough to understand what a person might be undergoing. If one’s own heart is locked, they are as good as deaf to people’s true sentiments. One’s heartbeat speaks the loudest.”

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