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Aru Shah and the City of Gold

Roshani Chokshi

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Just be your own favorite person and then no one else's opinion really matters.”

“I hereby declare you an official…Potato.”

“True, but it never hurts to understand a place a little better. That’s why words are so important. They’re like a soul and a story all in one.”

“I know you’re clever, but do you really think you’re going to outsmart the ocean?”

“When all other kinds of payment fail, never forget that a drop of kindness has far more weight more than gold.”

“Someone once told me that just because you can’t have the life you wanted, you shouldn’t give up and fade out of existence. That’s how we become living ghosts—by never moving on.”

“I don’t want it to be fine. Fine comes from the Latin finis, which means end. This feels a lot more like a beginning.”

“You know that book of poems I’m always carrying around? [...] In one of her poems, she calls hope the ‘thing with feathers,’ and I always think about that…. Maybe when we hope for something, the hope flies off to find whatever it is we’re thinking about…and then it brings it back to us. And when there’s nothing else we can do, at least we can hope.”

“Brynne Tvarika Lakshmi Balamuralikrishna Rao was a lot of things. She was an amazing cook, and a fierce wrestler. She had an awful temper and once tried to crack a cinder block just by barreling into it headfirst. Granted, she got knocked out for an hour, but the cinder block definitely had a line through it, so that was pretty much a win. Brynne was even fairly decent at playing the harp, though she hated admitting that her uncles, Gunky and Funky, had signed her up for lessons on that instrument. But if there was one thing she was known for, it was never giving up. She absolutely, flat-out refused.”

“Sometimes the best way to win is to walk away.”

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