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American Royals

Katharine McGee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Who said anything about forgetting? The point of forgiveness is to recognize that someone has hurt you, and to still love them in spite of it.”

“That was the thing about success, it could be even more draining than failure.”

“Writers got to pick the endings of their novels, but Beatrice wasn’t living a story. She was living history, and history went on forever.”

“All she knew was that one day she woke up and her love for him was simply there, like newly fallen snow. Maybe it had been there all along.”

“The point of forgiveness is to recognize that someone has hurt you, and to still love them in spite of it.”

“At the mention of children, Connor halted his steps. For a moment Beatrice thought he was going to storm off, turn away from her and never look back. Instead he fell to one knee before her. Time went momentarily still. In some dazed part of her mind Beatrice remembered Teddy, kneeling stiffly at her feet as he swore to be her liege man. This felt utterly different. Even kneeling, Connor looked like a warrior, every line of his body radiating a tensed power and strength. "It kills me that I don't have more to offer you," he said roughly. "I have no lands, no fortune, no title. All I can give you is my honor, and my heart. Which already belongs to you." She would have fallen in love with him right then, if she didn't already love him so fiercely that every cell of her body burned with it. "I love you, Bee. I've loved you for so long I've forgotten what it felt like not to love you." "I love you, too." Her eyes stung with tears. "I get that you have to marry someone before your dad dies. But you can't marry Teddy Eaton." She watched as he fumbled in his jacket for something - had he bought a ring? She thought wildly - but what he pulled out instead was a black Sharpie. Still kneeling before her, he slid the diamond engagement ring off Beatrice's finger and tucked it in the pocket of her jacket. Using the Sharpie, he traced a thin loop around the skin of Beatrice's finger, where the ring had been. "I'm sorry it isn't a real ring, but I'm improvising here." There was a nervous catch to Connor's voice that Beatrice hadn't heard before. But when he looked up and spoke his next words, his face glowed with a fierce, fervent hope. "Marry me.”

“Real love comes from creating a family together, from facing life together -- with all its messes and surprises and joys.”

“Tell no one your secrets, Daphne's mom always said, but make them think that you have. It creates the illusion of intimacy.”

“She could smile until the bitter end, no matter what it cost her--because she was a Washington and had been trained to smile through anything. Even through her own heartbreak.”

“Sam had long ago resolved that if she couldn't be beautiful, she should at the very least be interesting.”

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