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Hate Notes

Vi Keeland

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You can only find true happiness within yourself, not inside of other people, no matter how much you care about them. Make yourself happy, and the rest will come. I promise.”

“She said, ‘Forgive me for being a dreamer,’ and he took her by the hand and replied, ‘Forgive me for not being here sooner to dream with you.’”—J. Iron Word Thank you for making all of my dreams come true. Your love, Reed”

“I think it’s better to spend years treasuring a memory that might hurt sometimes than to never make one at all.”

“But you need to figure out how to love the life that you have, while you work on the life that you want.”

“The two of you fight like an old married couple, flirt like you’re in high school, and confide in each other like you’re lifelong best friends.”

“And, sweetheart, we live in New York City. There are two things we don’t have to chase after: trains and men. Because there’ll always be another one ready to pick us up right behind the first.”

“My grandmother always said a lady gave an angel’s smile and kept her devilish thoughts to herself.”

“When God was making the mold for good-looking men, he asked one of his angels what else he should add to make a man more attractive in her eyes. The angel didn’t want to be disrespectful by using foul language, so she simply said, ‘Give him a big stick.’ Unfortunately, the added piece was put on backward, and now all good-looking men are born with a large stick up their tuchus.”

“You're beyond my wildest dreams. My love for you is infinite. You. Are. Everything.”

“This is someone who is closed off. No one can get in. But nothing can get out, either.” I opened my hands and held them cupped side by side as if I were waiting for someone to place something in them. “See. This is open . . . you might have to let someone in that you weren’t expecting, but . . . it also allows the people that you had stuck inside—to leave.”

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