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Teri Terry

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It is one thing to ask questions; what do you do with the answers?”

“Use the fear; feed the anger.”

“Simple is hard enough. Who needs complicated?”

“Pain can kill, all on its own: the body goes into shock and shuts down.”

“ form something greater than the sum of its parts.”

“I was told very sternly at the hospital to avoid boys at all costs. Mess up your levels." "Oh, they do that!" Amy laughs. "Probably best to leave them alone for a while. The secret, though, is to start with one you're not that bothered about." What is the point in that?”

“And wait for the bus in grey drizzle, arms folded tight around myself, shivering against cold that falls from the sky and sinks deep in my bones.”

“A high tower, like Rapunzel's, but this has no windows, nowhere to lower my hair.”

“He finds a tissue in his pocket and holds it out. I press it against my lip. Pull it away and look at it. Bright red, though not much of it. I've had worse. Have I?”

“But soon I forget all they are being and doing and saying, and stare out the window.”

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