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Half a War

Joe Abercrombie

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Trust is like glass. Lovely, but only a fool rests lots of weight on it.”

“Death waits for us all. Nothing’s forever. Life’s about making the best of what you find along the way. A man who’s not content with what he’s got, well, more than likely he won’t be content with what he hasn’t.”

“A look of fury, a look of pain, a look of hatred you can trust. A smile can hide anything.”

“The world is full of monsters, after all. Perhaps the best one can hope for is to have the most terrible on your side.”

“Every hero is someone’s villain.”

“Everyone finds a way to make their side the right one, after all.”

“The faster you run from the past, the faster it catches you. All you can do is turn to face it. Embrace it. Try and meet the future wiser for it.”

“There's no changing yesterday. Only tomorrow.”

“Madmen and fools feel no fear. Heroes fear and face the danger anyway.”

“A man who's not content with what he's got, well, more than likely he won't be content with what he hasn't.”

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