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Hope Was Here

Joan Bauer

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You've got to love yourself with all your short comings, and you've got to love the world no matter how bad it gets.”

“It was probably easier in the old days when the bad guys rode into town wearing black capes or whatever bad guys wore and the milk cows were ownded by honest people. Right off the bat, you'd know who you were dealing with. Now everybody dresses alike.”

“...motherhood should be like driving a car -- you should have to pass a test before you can do it legally.”

“You don't know which way a thing will come at you, but you need to welcome it with your whole heart which ever way it arrives.”

“Staring down hard truth takes guts.”

“And we learned that you don't have to be famous or rich or physically healthy to be a leader. You just have to try to be a true person. We learned that helping other people brings out the good in everybody.”

“when hope gets released in a place, all kinds of things are possible”

“When you can carry five full dinner platters on your left arm, you should be able to vote, even if you're not eighteen.”

“I had expected the well to be full for some reason. Not that it had ever been before. I kept looking for signs of water in the dark insides. I heard my bucket clank as it hit Against the walls that held nothing. I look at the bucket that came up empty And made a decision that changed my life. I will keep my bucket and find another well.”

“He stood up, put the tree back under the grow light. 'There. That's what's going to happen to us. It's called grafting. Taking something from one place and fixing it to another until they grow together. We didn't start from the same tree, but we're going to grow together like we did.”

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