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Assassin's Fate

Robin Hobb

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Never do what you can’t undo until you’ve considered well what you can’t do once you’ve done it.”

“This is our last hunt, old wolf. And as we have always done, we go to it together.”

“To Fitz and the Fool. My best friends for over twenty years.”

“There's something stalking us. Off to the side of the road, moving through the forest.' Kettricken smiled.”

“His cracked lips moved. Beloved. He couldn't say the word, but I knew it. And so did his Fool.”

“We were one thing. A whole thing. You and I and Nighteyes. I felt a strange sort of peace. As if all the parts of me were finally in one place. All the missing bits that would make me a complete... thing.' I shook my head. 'Words don't read that far.”

“Vengeance took no account of innocence or right. It was the chain that bound horrific events together, that decreed that one awful act must beget another worse one that would lead to yet a third. It came to me, slowly, that this chain would never end.”

“The problem is not that we forget the past. It is that we recall it too well. Children recall wrongs that enemies did to their grandfathers, and blame the granddaughters of the old enemies. Children are not born with memories of those who insulted their mother or slew their grandfather or stole their land. Those hates are bequeathed to them, taught them, breathed into them. If adults didn't tell their children of their hereditary hates, perhaps we would do better.”

“Dragons don't bother with introductions.”

“I felt a familiar squeezing in what I thought must be my heart. I had heard of being "heartbroken" or "heavy-hearted" but I had never known it was an actual sensation one felt when the whole world abandons you”

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