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Friends Without Benefits

Penny Reid

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Boy bands are sent by God to aid women of all ages in their quest to avoid reality, but specifically to trick young women into believing that males think about topics other than sex.”

“I've learned that the more people I love — and I mean really, really, completely, unconditionally love — the happier I am.”

“Sorry, sometimes when I try to rhyme I end up sounding like Yoda.”

“Road trips can either suck monkey balls or, with the right person, they can be awesomesauce with cheesy fries.”

“Italians who speak Italian should be illegal, or at least come with warning labels - may make your panties explode.”

“And, when it was time for Meg to give her statement, I punched her in the face.”

“Nico flinched and pain flickered within his green eyes. He struck the wall next to my head, causing me to jump. “I don’t want to be fair! I’m not interested in being nice! You’re right. I’m playing games with you and I’m playing dirty because I want you, I need you, to be with you, to hear your voice, your laugh, to hold you, to touch you . . .”

“Elizabeth, in your own misguided, crazy, PMSing-woman way, I think you’ve been trying to be nice.” My mouth fell open. “Hey!” “You’re just not very good at being nice. It’s not a strength of yours.” “I can’t believe you just said that.” “You should work on it. You should compliment me more, tell me I look pretty.” I hit him on the shoulder even as I laughed. “You’re an idiot.” “And you’re beautiful.”

“What are you!? A Disney princess?” Ashley’s annoyance powered semi-shout surprised the room. She dropped her knitting to her lap and glared at me, apparently sincerely perturbed by Janie’s revelation. “Get over yourself! We all have to fall in love more than once—even if it’s with the same person.”

“You have to know that I’m in love with you, you have to know that I’ve loved you since we were kids, since before I can remember.”

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