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The Blinding Knife

Brent Weeks

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love is not a whim. Love is not a flower that fades with a few fleeting years. Love is a choice wedded to action, my husband, and I choose you, and I will choose you every day for the rest of my life.”

“If you are not free to say no, your yes is meaningless.”

“Evil is simple and empty. Evil has no mysterious depths. We stare into a dark hole and fill it with our fears, but it is only a hole.”

“Bewildered as he might be, sometimes a man's highest calling is simply to stand, and hug.”

“You’ll come with us,” she said. “Sure,” Gavin said. “It wasn’t a request.” “Yes it was,” Gavin said. “When you don’t have power to compel obedience, by definition you’re making a request.”

“Put on some armor. Just remember what's armor and what's you, so when it's time to take it off, you can.”

“The master who fears the choices his people will make enough to take those choices away isn't worth serving.”

“Might doesn’t make right. Might makes reality.”

“Dangerous knowledge is often hidden under ponderous grammar and obscurantist vocabulary.”

“ After a while, with nothing to lose, I'll only able to win.”

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