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Monk Meets World

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If you can't afford to give your child the right to pursue their dreams, you have no right to breed.”

“God is not up there - God is right here - in you, in me, in each one of us.”

“The right words spoken at the right place with the right amount of emphasis can demolish discrimination, eliminate sectarianism, and they can also rejuvenate human conscience and raise up empires of truth and liberty.”

“Nothing has more power over a man than a woman's tears.”

“Life without liberty, is a life not lived, and life without truth, is a life not understood.”

“I prefer to be seen as a know-nothing idiot, than a know-it-all bigot.”

“The world is mine, its problems are mine.”

“The divinity that you keep seeking in the mountains, in the jungles, in the deserts, lies dormant within yourself.”

“Saint or sage or the awakened being is not the one free from all desires and expectations, but the one who has an active conscience to see the real implications of those desires and expectations and then act accordingly for the best possible outcome for the self as well as the society.”

“Once you see yourself reflected on the face of others, that's when you know that you have truly become enlightened.”

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