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Kirsten Robinson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You can never tie a string to someone's heart to keep them from walking away; you can only love them in their freedom and hope that they choose to stay, hope that they love you back freely in the same way.”

“I hope you choose calm. Even when you're in the midst of chaos. When someone upends your world, and the rest of the world feels utterly upside down: be calm. Some people need you to be their safe haven.”

“You don’t need to be a fortress to be strong. You don’t need to build walls to keep yourself safe. Open the windows and let the breeze breathe life into your bones. Go outside, touch the earth with your bare hands, and remind yourself how it feels to plant the seeds of love and watch them bloom into something beautiful. Water those flowers well; your garden will reawaken in the sun.”

“I hope you choose kindness. Even when others are being cruel. When someone asks you to give them your heart all warm and full of trust, and they give you something makeshift and full of barbed wire in return: be kind. Some people need to feel your heart wrap around them more than you know.”

“You are not meant to settle. You are one of the special ones. Over 7 billion people, and only one of you. You are rare. You are a wild, beautiful thing. And just because it is taking longer for you, doesn’t mean you won’t find it. Over 7 billion people. There is someone who looks at you and thinks you are like art. They think they have never seen someone as magnificent as you. They think everything you touch turns to gold. They think your heart is a place they’d feel safe to call home. They know how special you are. And when they enter your life, they will do whatever they can in their power to make sure you know this.”

“To be raw is real. To be open is to be courageous. To be vulnerable is to be brave. You turned out to be stronger than you ever could have imagined. Your heart is a garden, and within it blooms strength.”

“Look at how far you’ve come. Look at how much you’ve grown. If I don’t tell you enough that I am proud, I need you to know that I am. If I don’t tell you enough that I love you, I need you to know that I do.”

“Listen to me now, because if there is one thing in your lifetime that I want you to believe with every fiber of your being, it is this: You are a feat of physics and complex molecules, a spirit magnificent in magnitudes, a precious and invaluable treasure to be cherished—you are the only one of your kind. There has never been another you to walk this planet. There will never be another you again. You are bigger than your body. Your soul is rare.”

“I hope you choose love. Even when it would be easier to hate. When someone stirs white-hot rage within you, when they insult you, when they question your worth: be loving. Some people need your love more than you do.”

“You have grown a backbone where your wishbone used to be. You have learned how to say no, you have learned how to walk away. Do you remember when they broke you? It felt like life as you knew it was over. It felt like your rib cage cracked apart. You have rebuilt yourself; you have stitched loss into gain, sadness into joy.”

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