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The Beagle and the Hare

Kevin Moccia

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It’s never been a matter for me to compare really. First hour of the day calls loudest as the last, no matter what the season.” Terrance said, adjusting his already faded Caterpillar cap, anxiously, clomping mud from his father’s old work boots, a glimmer of steel visible from the wear on one toe and the uncharted map of manhood sketched across the young boys face like a scar in the making.”

“Twilight draped the fertile landscape, like a dampened threadbare sheet, hung over the sun to dry.”

“That golden pin ball of a hare must be fresh dead! Thirty eight rabbits, seven squirrels, and one kitty cat D.O.A--MEEEEOOOWWW! Bippity bop-bop-bop bippity boo! I’m not no swineherd, my flocks a dead zoo! Won’t crunch on no crumpets, I slurp bacon stew! Ain’t dyin’ in one life, “my brothaaaa”, I’m livin’ two! Yo! Everything melts like grilled cheese in the grease of Old Blue! Old Blue! Old Blue! Everything melts like grilled cheese in the grease of Old Blue!” The Old Blue the character raps of…is money.”

“Judge Fowler imparted to the wedding pair, “Love, knocks ever so lightly and enters our hearts in a whisper. It can sometimes be heard loudest in a glance.”

“Keys parachuted down into one of the exact seats he purchased that he and his father sat in as season ticket holders in the Old Barn on Grand River Avenue. Keys slipped his arm around the empty chair dressed with his father’s withering Tiger’s baseball cap, secured to the seat with a quarter inch drywall screw. Keys reflected upon his father, who chauffeured Keys and other players, every weekend, to a hockey tournament somewhere, “You know pop…every kid you gave a ride too game or practice, came to your funeral. When this hat falls away, no more screws, pop. I’m gonna branch out…make new friends. Soon as these gypsy moths get a hold of your precious, Old English “D”, here--turn your glory years, Kaline and Mclain into tree threads.”

“Judge Fowler knew Clara was not long for the world--it was the manner of how she seized everything that gave her away. Clara was vibrant in youth, beautiful and radiant upon her wedding night beyond compare! But death cannot be masked from those who can see the outline of its features scribbled in the margins of another’s being.”

“Assured that there would be a meal set aside for him somewhere, the beagle pulled his mind off the gnawing emptiness in his stomach, mounted the flattened stump, marched into the center and stood, stock-still, on his vein-coiled, burst of speed legs and gnarled paws--listening!”

“The male rabbits began chattering their teeth against another’s, filling the room with a spastic, scratching sound, similar to a full shift of skate blades on a puck chase, cutting fresh ice. “An animal on a farm has no worth if it isn’t useful. I earned my right to survive--I’m named!”

“Perhaps Clarence’s knowledge of the enormous day-to-day expense of the war machine was too much for a man who’s own father had insisted, “Never to waste salt on a radish!”

“Romantics. This book does contain some romantic ideas, and romantic situations that are of the heart, nothing that is in anyway X rated, not even R. But definitely a bit of romance.”

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