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Clarity & Connection

yung pueblo

Top 10 Best Quotes

“taking a moment to figure out how you really feel instead of letting old patterns decide for you is one of the most authentic things you can do”

“time does not heal all wounds; it just gives them space to sink into the subconscious, where they will continue to impact your emotions and behavior. what heals is going inward, loving yourself, accepting yourself, listening to your needs, addressing your attachments and emotional history, learning how to let go, and following your intuition.”

“throw away the idea that healing is forgetting the real result is no longer reacting to old triggers with the same intensity as before the memories are still there, but they do not have the same power over your mind”

“the goal is not to heal and then begin your life the goal is to embrace healing as a life long journey and allow genuine connections to emerge organically along the way.”

“your vibration is always shining and affecting your environment.”

“gratitude makes you happy attachment makes you struggle gentleness reveals inner wisdom harshness reveals inner turbulence calmness supports good decisions solitude supports transformation”

“being okay with not being okay helps you let go”

“we feel so safe with the ones we love that we often share with them our tension, our stress, our fear, our sadness, and even our anger but let us remember to also give them the best version of ourselves, our joy and happiness, our excitement and peace, our attention and care”

“maturity is knowing that when your mood is down you should not trust the way you see yourself”

“maturity in a relationship is not expecting to always be on the same schedule.”

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