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A Cosmology of Monsters

Shaun Hamill

Top 10 Best Quotes

“...he has so much he wants to tell the boy, but most important, maybe, is this: life makes monsters of everyone, but it's always possible to come back. Pain and death are real, but so are love, and family, and forgiveness.”

“Living with a family wounded by a loss you can't remember is like sitting behind a tall person at a movie theater. The people around you are laughing, crying, reacting to something, but you have no idea what.”

“I don't reject the choices I've made, or the cost. It's not so surprising, I guess. My monster suit always fit better than my regular skin. I was never a guardian, or a hero, but a creator and harvester of fear.”

“...there's no such thing as a happy ending. The songs, books, and movies with "happy endings" al stop at teh moment of triumph....There are, however, good stopping places.”

“Human beings are small and insignificant in a big, scary universe, and in a horror story - be it a movie, a book, or a haunted house - we have to face that fact. But no matter how scary things get, no matter what the audience has to confront or to endure, there's always a happy ending. When the credits roll, or the reader closes the book, or when our guests walk out tonight, their lives will go on. Because they faced the dark, the sun will shine a little brighter tomorrow, and the real-life monsters won't seem so bad. For a day, or an hour, or even a moment, life will be better”

“it’s hard to live with a depressed person. The depression takes up physical space, swells and seeps under closed doors. It wafts between rooms like poison gas, settling over the house in a fog.”

“We can't make new happiness past a certain point, but we can linger in past joy forever, perfectly captured with the rememberer's eye.”

“life makes monsters of everyone, but it’s always possible to come back. Pain and death are real, but so are love, and family, and forgiveness.”

“So." She drummed her fingers on the book. "You're a grown man who still reads ghost and monster stories." "You already knew that about me, he said." "I guess I didn't think about it until now," she said. "You don't feel sort of ridiculous? Like maybe you should be reading books for grown-ups?" "I think horror is the most important fiction in the world," he said.”

“Most people in your life are digging at you for things they want - sex, attention, a smile, permission, to change lanes on the highway. They're hunting for things to take, not give.”

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