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A Woman's Truth: A Life Truly Worth Living

Miranda J. Barrett

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Much of your strength as a woman can come from the resolve to replenish and fill your own well and essence first, before taking care of others.”

“Every time you make a commitment to your own self-care, self-love and self-respect and then follow through, you build trust in yourself.”

“As you become your own advocate and your own steward, your life will beautifully transform.”

“You should never make a decision the day before your period.”

“By honoring and responding to your natural and essential requirements for sleep, food, water and movement, you will rise out of the realm of survival into the world of fulfillment.”

“As you consciously choose to give yourself the gifts of self-care, they become an integral part of your rhythm and the vital tools that you will tap into for the rest of your life.”

“Release the story and the truth will be revealed. Release the past and the present will reveal itself. Embrace the future and walk through your fears. Dig out the weeds and the flowers will blossom. Speak your Truth and your life will become manifest.”

“Just saying an intention and leaving it at that will not necessarily result in an outcome, if there is a stronger, more primal belief behind the scenes.”

“As you build trust in yourself, your ability to expand your vision and fully live in your magnificence is amplified.”

“If you are noticing your desires are not coming to fruition, it is time to dive into the unconscious world to discover what other belief may be stronger.”

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