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Jennifer Donnelly

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Kindness is many things,” he said. “It is gentle. Tender. Tolerant. It is born of patience and faith. And sometimes, yes, it’s dangerous. Helping a wounded animal that’s likely to lash out, standing up for someone who’s being taunted by bullies... these things are all dangerous. But to try to understand another creature, to put ourselves in their place, to help them - even when it costs us - that shows strength, Sophie, not weakness.”

“Mirror, mirror on the wall... who will bring about my fall?”

“And that lesson was perfectly clear: There is nothing more dangerous than kindness.”

“You gave those people hope, girl, and that’s a dangerous thing. There’s no greater weapon in the whole world than hope. It’s dangerous because it’s powerful.”

“Love is a soft thing. It smells like woodsmoke and sounds like rain. It tastes like sugared apples. It costs nothing to give yet is more precious than a sea of diamonds.”

“There are many ways to take a heart. And the King of Crows uses all methods; he shies from none. He’s happy to have it cut out all at once as I, the huntsman, did. He’s happy to have it taken piece by piece, year by year, like a miser hoarding coins, with punishing silences, biting glances, and love served cold. Poisonous words do the job, too. They are as sharp as knives and leave their victims hollow.”

“What an incredible metaphor for what fear does to us—it devours our hearts. Hollows us out. Leaves us empty.”

“We must not run from our unhappiness. We must listen to it. It has much to tell us.”

“A powerful king has taken my heart, she thought. But a penniless boy has stolen it.”

“am the huntsman. Dead now, but that’s no matter. The dead speak. With tongues blackened by time and regret. You can hear us if you listen.”

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