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The Downstairs Girl

Stacey Lee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The tricky thing about giving opinions is that sometimes they cost you more than you wanted to spend.”

“What is the job of a parent, but to teach a child she has worth so that one day she can transform herself into whatever she wants.”

“We can run the race as well as any man. We only need the opportunity.”

“You’re growing like a rumor, aren’t you?”

“Justice and fairness are for other people, umbrellas that open only for certain heads. The Chinese just try to stay out of the rain, and if we are caught in a downpour, we make do, knowing that the rain will not last forever.”

“The two words that will change your life are "thank you". Like a candle that can light a thousand more without shortening its own life, appreciation is a gift that, when given, can set the whole world aglow.”

“Sometimes, things must get harder before they can change.”

“The knowledge that the person to whom I am writing is also writing just one floor above me makes my shadow sit up straighter, and if shadows had smiles, I might see one reflected there.”

“Black women suffered greatly with the failure of Reconstruction, victims of both racism and sexism. Suffrage leaders who had worked toward the idea of universal suffrage antebellum began turning their backs on their black sisters to court the support of white Southern suffragists, whose interest in restoring white supremacy eclipsed their interest in enfranchising women.”

“God wouldn't have given us feet if He didn't want us to walk. By the same token, why give us a brain if He didn't want us to have thoughts?”

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