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Lessons in French

Laura Kinsale

Top 10 Best Quotes

“My God." He pushed away from the bedpost. "Friends! And do you fall into bed with any man who's 'dear' to you? How am I to take that?" "Of course I don't." She stood up, letting the knotted scarf slip away. "I can't seem to help myself. With you. About that. It's extremely vexing." "You're quite right on that count," he said sullenly. "I'm damned vexed. I'd like to vex you right here on the floor, in fact. And the idea of Sturgeon vexing you is enough to dispose me to murder. Is that clear? Do you comprehend me?" He took a reckless stride toward her and caught her chin between his fingers. "I'm not your friend, my lady. I'm your lover.”

“Trev’s smile turned into a grin. His dark lashes lowered. “Do you know,” he said, “when you smile at me that way, I’d like to…” He broke off his sentence and cleared his throat. “Well. Slay dragons, or something along that line.” “Mere dragons?” she inquired. “I was hoping it would be giant squids.”

“She’s certain that I intend to lure Lilly into the debauched harem that I maintain in the opium dens of Paris.” He turned her toward the lane. “Be so good as to thwart me from this evil scheme. You can begin by distracting me with a walk to the post office.” She smiled, though it was slightly watery. “I see that it’s my Christian duty, when you put it so. I only hope I may not succumb to your wicked plot myself.” “Oh, I have far more sinister plans for you. I mean to entice you to a dish of tea in the public parlor at the Antlers. I will certainly set a chair for you, and possibly I may even speak French.”

“It was quite settled by now. She was born to be a spinster.”

“I want to see your stockings,” he growled. “The plain white ones.” Her lips parted, as if to make a refusal, and then she blinked. Her puzzled look only made her more adorable to him. “Yes, I was driven demented in your closet.” He bent down to kiss her. “I’m passionately in love with your hosiery.”

“But I don’t arrange a very good abduction, I’m afraid. In my haste to seize you and carry you off to the ends of the earth, I seem to have forgotten a few of the important articles. Such as baggage.” “It was a perfect abduction,” she declared. “Pray do not carp about the details.”

“Thank you for your call yesterday,” she said shyly. “And for the beautiful posy.” “Hardly enough to convey my gratitude,” he said. She had not, of course, supposed the flowers were meant as anything more than an expression of thanks. “We’ll inquire about the Bromyard woman at the Antlers,” she said, grasping at a practical topic. “I have high hopes of her.” “The dahlias reminded me of your hair,” he said pensively. “That deep copper color. Only a little darker.” “Oh,” Callie said. She lifted her skirt and stepped over a tuft of grass. “I do hope she knows how to cook. Truly cook, you know. Something that your mother would like.” “And the roses—pretty and pale, with a flush of pink. Very like your cheeks when you blush.” “A blancmange, perhaps,” Callie said brightly. “Or a custard.” “Your cheeks are nothing like a blancmange, I assure you, my lady. And certainly not a custard.” “A blancmange would be the true test of her skill,” Callie said with difficulty. “I think we should ask her to make a blancmange.” “They’re the classic strawberries and cream. Very English.” “Any sort of fruit trifle would make a good test, I agree,” she said hastily. “But strawberries are out of season.” “Indeed, but they aren’t,” he said.”

“It was high time that she left behind these silly daydreams, before she became odd and ended up locked in some attic, collecting bits of string and candle wax and muttering.”

“Indeed, she is an angel. If she can produce a supper, I shall marry her out of hand.” “I’m certain that she can.” His mother breathed deeply. “But… three engagements in one evening, my love?” “No, do you think it excessive?” he asked in surprise.”

“Her heart and breath felt as if they had deserted her, declaring they were off to join the navy and might come back to visit in a few years if she were lucky.”

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