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The Last Werewolf

Glen Duncan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Just because life's meaningless doesn't mean we can't experience it meaningfully.”

“Reader, I ate him.”

“You love life because life's all there is.”

“I suppose the word "unbearable" is a lie by definition. Unless you kill yourself immediately after using it.”

“She understood the genre constraints, the decencies were supposed to be observing. The morally cosy vision allows the embrace of monstrosity only as a reaction to suffering or as an act of rage against the Almighty. Vampire interviewee Louis is in despair at his brother’s death when he accepts Lestat’s offer. Frankenstein’s creature is driven to violence by the violence done to him. Even Lucifer’s rebellion emerges from the agony of injured price. The message is clear: By all means become an abomination—but only while unhinged by grief or wrath.”

“The first horror is there's horror. The second is you accommodate it.”

“Renounce love and you can achieve demonic focus.”

“Once you've stopped loving someone breaking his or her heart's just an unpleasant chore you have to get behind you. My God, you really don't love me anymore, do you? No matter your decency the victim's incredulity's potentially hilarious. You manage not to laugh.”

“I don't know how one should live - but I know that one should live.....”

“The flesh had infinity in it. I must know every inch by touch yet every inch renewed its mystery the instant my hand moved on. Delightful endless futility.”

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