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How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any

Erik Wecks

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Aim at nothing, and you get nowhere. Aim at something, and even in long odds you often get closer than you would otherwise.”

“The truly wealthy don't often pursue status. They don't need to. They have already made it. The pursuit of Rolex watches and $100,000 vehicles is for wannabes like you and me. Why pursue status when you've already achieved it?”

“The most important factor to growing your financial stability isn't your income. Rather, your success is much more related to how well you keep your eye on the ball. Organize your finances around the principles of financial stability. Aim for that goal, and over time you will find many unexpected ways to actually put money aside.”

“How we spend our money reflects our true values at that moment in time.”

“Financial stability is much more about doing the best with what you have and not about achieving a certain level of income.”

“Your money doesn't tell you where it needs to be spent; your values do.”

“Change what you believe, and you will change what you do.”

“When one person manages the money, the money manager tends to act as a parent, and the non-manager tends to act like a child. The parent is put in the position of saying "no" to the desires of the child, and the child acts resentfully toward the parent. This isn't exactly a recipe for relationship bliss.”

“Human desire is an unlimited and boundless ocean, a body of water which can never be filled. If we make our wants and our desires for status our financial mission, we are doomed to fail from the start, because just as we think we have made it, there is always another hill to climb.”

“least monthly. Use cash whenever possible to avoid busting your budget.”

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