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The Unfairest of Them All

Shannon Hale

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You don't need luck. You are powerful, clever, and fearless.”

“My advice: If you every have the chance to change the world, don't hesitate. Leave your great big mark.”

“...even if things were broken right now. Sometimes it was the cracks that let the light in.”

“Most people are genuinely good, sweetheart, and even the evil ones have some good in them. -

“Everyone needs a smile and a friend, whether they know it or not.-

“You succeed because you're willing to give everything to your craft- everything!”

“Don't let the inconsequential fairy tales stand in your way! You do what makes you happy, no matter what.”

“I didn't raise you I be good and weak. I raised you to be powerful and happy.”

“During Snow White's story, her mother had somehow survived sharing a castle with the Greatest Evil the World Has Ever Known and come out of it not only okay but Happily Ever After. What advice would her mother give? Apple knew because Snow White had cross-stitched the words on a pillow and propped it up in the informal receiving room: When Life Is All Dark Woods And Poisoned Apples, Remember You Have Friends. Snow White had stitched messages on other pillows, too, such as: Squirrels Will Never Let You Down, Unless They're Hibernating; There Are Always Birds; Nature Loves A Broom; Love Is Knowing A rabbit Needs You; Hugs Are How It's Done; Double Hugs Are For The Grumpy; Trees And Dogs Are Happy, So Start Barking; and others. Honestly, it was hard to find a sofa in the enormous White Castle that didn't sport a cross-stitched pillow. But the "Remember You Have Friends" one offered the most insight to Apple at the moment.”

“Briar stood, pushing up her sleeves. 'It's about to get all nonfiction in here'.”

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