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Life is But a Dream

Brian James

Top 10 Best Quotes

“My memories are like a shuffled deck of cards, each one coming up at random.”

“Because there’s nothing wrong with me,” Alec says. “You know what is? Our society is so screwed up from top to bottom, everything about it, that it’s become impossible to fix. It’s easier to change people and make them fit into something that’s broken. Know what I mean?”

“Some memories are presents that I'm unable to unwrap over and over.”

“Puberty flicked a switch inside of them and dreams were replaced by hormones and college prep courses and varsity sports while I continued to look for faeries in the woods behind my house.”

“The boy I used to know as Thomas Merker has been erased--replaced with a personality programmed by television and commercials to act a certain way.”

“We have to find a place that is ours. The doctors keep trying to make us fit into this world, but they're wrong. We need a world that fits us.”

“Yeah? How was I?" "You were . . . kind of perfect" I say "Kind of?" Alec throws his hands out to his sides, pretending to be offended. "Can I try again? I'd hate for my reputation to be spoiled by a 'kind of.”

“My dad believes that bad disguises itself - that danger hides. I think it's the opposite. The truly horrible things about the world are always reaching out for you.”

“Maybe that's where we're supposed to meet then" I say. "What do you mean? When?" "I mean, maybe that's where our perfect world begins”

“I'm glad I was sent here after all" Alec says. "Why?" "Because you're here”

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