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The Midwich Cuckoos

John Wyndham

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Some quotations," said Zellaby, "are greatly improved by lack of context.”

“Knowledge is simply a kind of fuel; it needs the motor of understanding to convert it into power.”

“If you want to keep alive in the jungle, you must live as the jungle does.”

“The dove is not a coward to fear the hawk; it is simply wise.”

“…after all, what is a planet but an island in space?”

“It is because nature is ruthless, hideous, and cruel beyond belief that it was necessary to invent civilisation.”

“But not she. Her eternity is an article of her faith. Great wars and disasters can ebb and flow, races rise and fall, empires wither with suffering and death, but these are superficialities: she, woman, is perpetual, essential; she will go on for ever.”

“Personal honesty takes time to assert itself - if it is ever allowed to.”

“But, as I understand it, your God is a universal God; He is God on all suns and all planets. Surely, then, He must have universal form? Would it not be a staggering vanity to imagine that He can manifest Himself only in the form that is appropriate to this particular, not very important planet?”

“There is no conception more fallacious than the sense of cosiness implied by "Mother Nature". Each species must strive to survive, and that it will do, by every means in its power, however foul - unless the instinct to survive is weakened by conflict with another instinct.”

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